The perfect fit for your temporary staffing vacancy – first time, every time


NHS-healthcareDearden has always had the NHS and the healthcare sector at the very heart of its operations.

Originally founded 25 years ago with the sole intention of supplying talented interim managers and executives for hospitals, clinics and other care facilities Dearden is still a trusted partner for many NHS Trusts across England and Wales.Dearden is proud to be the longest standing management and organisational development business operating in the NHS marketplace.

Numerous primary, secondary and tertiary care organisations rely on us to deal with their most sensitive and business critical interim managements needs.

Our strength is that all the staff at Dearden Interim has first hand experience of working within the NHS and healthcare sectors. Every single one of our senior management team has spent years working at the sharp end of NHS leadership – managing people, resources, budgets and projects to deliver the kind of every day excellence that the sector demands. As such they are completely familiar with the requirements placed upon you and the people you need to fill your management structure positions.

The experts you need to deliver results – on time and on target

As our main clients Dearden Interim have a clear and unwavering focus on the requirements of the NHS organisations we help to support.

All the candidates that we supply to your business and care-critical areas are meticulously vetted against stringent and demanding criteria. We strive to provide high quality professionals and senior managers who have a proven track record within their sector, as well as intimate knowledge of the demands and accountabilities required of executive staff in the modern NHS. This allows us to ensure that, whatever your needs, Dearden Interim will supply candidates who will truly hit the ground running from their first day in position.
A bespoke management & support service

Our emphasis is on offering a management and support service which is precisely tailored to your needs. In line with our aim of forging long-term relationships we place great value on getting to know you – Consequently, we allocate a named relationship manager to all clients whose job it is to work closely with you to understand your needs and specialised requirements.

We operate on exactly the same principle when it comes to our relationship with our Interims. This results in an actively managed network of talented professionals who can be placed effectively within NHS organisations requiring their unique skill sets and experience.

Whether you are an NHS organisational leader, HR professional or a healthcare manager Dearden can provide exactly the kind of Interim service you need. Simply get in touch with us today on 0203 544 6519 or email us at